It's hard to say goodbye

This is the end. After my last post, asking whether you'd want to see more of my articles, I got only 1 reply, and 2 people unfollowed my blog. (I hate you for that. Not cool.) That has brought me to make this decision, and it was a hard one, trust me.

Before starting this blog, I contributed to various others. Most of them got inactive and/or deleted, I couldn't stay committed and post regularly. That's what made me start this blog. I wanted to have my own place, my own blog to run by myself and my rules. Post whenever I want and whatever I want. And I got a nice amount of followers. I think getting over 50 followers was a great milestone for me. I know it is not much for some, but for me, it was.

And those followers kept coming, I'd get nice amount of views, not much, but like I said, enough for me. But I made a mistake. A mistake no blogger should ever make if they want to keep their readers. I stopped posting. My posts were less and less frequent, to the point I'd not post for a month or so. I guess that made readers lose interest and eventually leave the blog. The others who stayed probably became inactive on Stardoll and Stardoll blogging as well. Or hoping to read my new posts. (If you are amongst them, I wanna give you a big, bear hug.)

I know I shouldn't just give up, I should probably keep fighting, but I just have no more desire for that. I don't want to spend half an hour for a post which will be read by 2 or 3 persons. I don't want to advertise it as it is much harder, considering I can't do it on Stardoll anymore.

Anyway, this is the final post on this blog. I will keep it open, though, in case you'd want to check out some of my older articles. I am also willing to help you by contributing to your blog, or help you start a new project. If you are interested, you can contact me on my Facebook profile (LINK), or on Stardoll (vampirelady33). Also, I will be updating my Starblog regularly, as I hope to become an official starblogger, so you can check it out (and maybe bookmark) it HERE.

~ Venus

Back? You choose!

Hello everyone!!

It's been a while, I know. You know that feeling when there is a period in which you experience 'writing block'. Later, it turns to simple laziness, procrastination, 'I'll write next post tomorrow/next week/month' moments, and eventually, wondering whether is anyone left following your blog and looking forward to new posts.

But I am about to change that. If you would still like to read new posts about Stardoll, helpful tips and reviews on new features, please, please leave a comment. If you are reading this post and would like to read more, just leave a comment. I have several posts planned, and will surely come up with more to write, but I need to see first, is anyone even reading this?

If you just decided to skip the 'long' paragraphs, to simplify it: want to read more posts - leave a comment. That's all for now.

P.S. About my other sd blog, 'Venus Stardoll Diary', I am still undecided whether to keep pursuing both blogs, or just get back to writing to this one only, so any feedback is appreciated.

~ Venus

New blog

*knock, knock* Anybody here?

Okay, I know I haven't posted here for like, forever.

For all of you who liked reading my posts, I am really sorry. It is not that had exams or so. I graduated college a while ago. I don't have a job either, though I am applying, but yet, tough luck.

It is just I really got tired of writing all those lenghty posts, trying to think of good and interesting articles, only to get 1 or 2 comments, if I am lucky.

But now I really, really miss writing. Yet I do not want to do a lot of research and take a lot of time to write complex and extensive articles. So I decided to give this blog an unknown break, and move to a new one, one I just made, so don't mind the basic layout, I promise I will work on that.

The new blog, which will be called "Venus Stardoll Diary", (same name I used here for a while), and will mostly focus on my daily activities on Stardoll, and other social networks, but posts will be related to Stardoll. And no, it won't be boring. I promise you. I won't write stuff like 'i bought this, befriended her, sold that, earned my daily starcoins this way, got xxx starpoints on daily gifts, etc.

It will be more like my weekly column on USD. But there is difference. While on USD I try to be objective when reviewing stuff, I will be more subjective on my blog. No, I won't do store reviews, as I am not really god at that, and I know few blogs who do that really good. (You can ask me for link(s) in case you want to visit any of them.) I will write on my Stardoll experiences, write some anecdotes and interesting/funny and even bad things that happened to me.

So anyway, If you have reached the end of this post, I am sending you a massive hug. Thank you all for supporting me, and I hope you will support me in a future. And I hope you will like reading my new blog. Oh, btw, you can visit it here:

~ Venus

How to buy a whole Wild Candy Couture collection (without speding stardollars) - some tips and advice

Hello readers!

It's been a while, I know. To make it up to you, I am going to give you a, in my opinion, interesting and helpful post.

Anyway, you know Stardoll released new Wild Candy Couture collection. Well, even the store is in starcoins and available for everyone, prices are, like really high, and they range between 200 and 900 starcoins. Now I know some of you have some extra starcoins and can buy a thing or 2, collect your daily starpoints and do the vote so you can buy more stuff. But if you want to buy all things from store, sorry to disappoint you, but that way you will not able to do it. The main problem is that store stays in starplaza for 5 weeks, which may be enough time to buy some stuff, but not too many. So you can either convert your precious stardollars to buy starcoin stuff, (which I'd hate to do), or you can do it the way I did it. Interested? Read on.

Ok, first of all, you will need to buy a superstar membership. 2 week package is recommended. Of course, you can do more, but less than that is not such a great idea. Sorry, no pain, no gain.

What to sell?
Then go to your bazaar. Check if you have any male starcoin stuff (or female stiff in case your doll is male) that you acquired from The Vote or 2sc sales. Put those on sale 1st. Then check your bazaar again. Do you have any starcoin stuff that you do not like so much, but yet you refused to let them go for starcoins? Now it is your chance. Old Basics stuff will also sell great. (Unless you collect them, as many do.)

Do not put all stuff for 600 starcoins. One reason is, other people want to buy WCC stuff too so your stuff may not sell so easily, and another is, you can easily reach the max 1000sc limit. (Super annoying!) Make prices go between 200 to 500 starcoins. If you have played the game at least few years, you will know which items will sell for high prices and which for not so high.

How much things to sell?
Do not fill your bazaar with only starcoin stuff. One reason is, again, the max sc limit. Another is, you want to use your superstar days to earn some stardollars as well, right? I recommend having about 5-7 starcoin things in bazaar at once, and restocking it each time something gets sold.

When to buy?
It can be tricky. Try buying the more expensive stuff 1st. If you are royalty, it will be much easier with 10% discount. So as soon as you have about, for example, 500sc, try putting up some cheaper stuff on sale. Try buying stuff as soon as you sell something, unless you sell something for like 200 or 300sc, then you can wait a little so you can buy pricier stuff.

Missing few stardollars to buy an item?
1st check your daily earned starcoins. If you haven't completed the meter, do it now. The check the Vote, if you didn't do your daily voting already. If you are still missing some starcoins (not so much), don't be afraid to convert some stardollars. But don't overdo it. I recommend exchanging stardollars only if you want to buy the most expensive stuff.

Extra tip. (An obvious one.)
Get your daily starcoins by doing stuff. Even you are superstar, those 90 coins per day can really help a lot. Unless you are really lazy to collect them. But don't be.

Anyway, I know this collection is really gorgeous, but you won't be able to get any stardollars from it once it leaves a starplaza. You will be hardly able to make any profit at all by selling stuff. So buy only if you like stuff, not to resell. Or if you really want to own the whole collection. (Like me.)

I hope I helped you at least a little. Good luck, and feel free to share your experience with readers here.

P.S. We are back!!

~ Venus

The X Awards - another Stardoll award show

Remember The Stardoll Awards, organized and hosted by USD writer Bianca Delevingne (Jodie55)? Well, now we got yet another award show, hosted by the owner of X franchise, Jack (exodus27). I am proud to say I was again nominated for the blogger of a year, by my good friend, whose name I mentioned above, (Bianca). So here are the official nominees for a blogger of a year award.

On the top left, we got  Ms.Brigitte (not sure what her real name is, sorry), the person who took over one of the biggest Stardoll related blogs, after it's come back, and the departure of an original owner, Jenna. And Ms.Brigitte runs it flawlessly. She keeps organizing competitions, posting news, and her dedication is astonishing. She is also really good at finding real life versions of clothes Stardoll releases. Her writing is neat, professional, punctual, and she is also a good person with a good reputation on Stardoll.

On the top right, we got Kirsten (sparklewand12), a Stardoll fashion blogger, and a true fashionista. She makes those fabulous outfits, and also gives detailed, extensive reviews on new Stardoll releases, her daily looks, going into every bit of an outfit. Her writing is also flawless, easy and nice to read. I think we should all agree that Kirsten is one of the best Stardoll fashion bloggers in Stardoll blogosphere.

And then, there is me. USD columnist and the sole owner of this blog. I've been writing my weekly recaps on USD for almost 2 years, and running this blog for about the same amount of time. I like to analyze Stardoll issues, releases, updates, give a different look on various issues Stardoll related. While an article each Sunday for my column is a mandatory, I like to go here often, chose a certain topic, and give my view on it, or just comment on recent release, maybe talk about some Stardoll experiences, etc. 

So now you can go to the official voting page here, and chose your favorites in various categories. Think carefully, and make sure you check all categories, as you can vote only once And of course, if you like my posts, you know what to do.

I know the competition is hard. Like really hard. I know I am competing against some of the best Stardoll bloggers, and honestly, I don't think I can win this one. Still, being in that group is a huge accomplished already. And even if I don't win, it sure as hell won't stop me from doing what I truly enjoy, but a little credit, little recognition, wouldn't hurt.

~ Venus

Shop 'till you drop

Today, when I went to change my medoll's outfit, I noticed I have a several still unopened shopping bags in my suite. Something like this:

And honestly, there was no reason for me to open them. I already have too many clothes in my suite, my open rooms, my locked rooms, my storage. Way too many. So why do I keep buying more?

Stardoll has it's way of making us spend more stardollars, aka real money on a game. They keep releasing great and some not so great stuff, but it lures us to buy more, wanting to have that gorgeous dress, or that fab heels, or that adorable clutch. Even, like I mentioned, most of us already have too many great stuff.

Let's face it - Stardoll is mainly a dress up game. The option to have our own dolls and our own suites to decorate is much more appealing than dressing up some random celebs or dolls with minimum amount of clothes on other sites. True, we have to spend money for that, but with enough money, patience and creativity, we can do anything.

So I know Stardoll will keep releasing new stuff, and I will keep spending my stardollars and real money so I can buy stuff. It is just so addicting. I really love the game, love playing with my doll and experimenting with style. So every once in a while, when a new fab shop arrives, or new limited collection, or 50%  (or 30%) off sale happens, or when we get an offer to get 'free' stuff when buying stuff for certain amount of Stardollars - it is really hard to resist. And I plan to keep on playing and paying for stuff I don't really need. Few minor updates wouldn't harm, but even they never happen, I plan on playing this game for a long time.

A nice discount on superstar membership wouldn't hurt, though. I really want to renew it, but my parents don't understand well why would 23 years old girl/lady want to play the silly dress up game. But we all know it is much, much more than that.

Some suggestions for Stardoll

I love playing Stardoll. I love dressing up my doll, buying new stuff, selling stuff, decorating my rooms (well, not so much), voting on The Vote, etc. And Stardoll constantly releases new stuff for us to buy. But eventually, you get bored of doing all that stuff, like the game is too 'passive'. So here are 3 suggestions on how Stardoll could improve:

1. Daily tasks.
Each day, we'd get 3 random tasks to do, like vote 5 albums, change your doll's outfit, visit 5 friends, play a game, dress up a celeb doll, etc. For each completed task, we'd get starcoins, and if we complete them all, 1 stardollar (preferably more, but I know that would never happen). Also, there could be a separate task for superstar only members, and an additional one for Royalty members, where we'd get clothes or stardollars. It would make game much more challenging and fun to play, and if ss/royalty members got really nice gifts, it would influence other members to pay for their membership.

2. Weekly scavenger hunt.
On one day a week (preferably Saturday), Stardoll would 'hide' something, like an clothing item, accessory, interior item, and we'd have to search for it. It would be the best if they appeared on different places for different users, as otherwise, we could just look up on USD to find the hidden item. Superstar and royalty members should get a hint so they could find it easier.

3. Convert starcoin items to stardollars items.
Yeah, I know that is most unlikely to happen, but still keep reading. For example, superstar members could convert 3 items per 24 hours, and royalty members 5 items. It would make many clothes reappear in bazaar, because we all know not many people want to sell their valuable stuff in starcoins.

Yeah, those are my ideas, and I'd really love to see at least one gets realized. Also, I didn't mention better closet arrangement, but Stardoll already knows we want that, I am pretty sure. If you like any, or all, send a suggestion to Stardoll, (as I will do as well after finishing this post), maybe add some yours.

What do you think about those ideas? And honestly, do you think any of those would ever come to life? I surely hope so.

~ Venus

Patience, persistance, determination

So today, while browsing starbazaar, I saw this gorgeous dress:

Yup. that is a DKNY dress, from 2nd season on Stardoll. The brand used to be really popular and items were really wanted before Stardoll introduced limited stores. Anyway, I've been looking for this piece for a really long time. I saw it many times, but for 600 stardollars, never less. So you can imagine my surprise when I saw it for only 200sd. I immediately clicked 'buy' and there it was, in my closet. Opened the bag, and dresses my doll in it, changed the makeup and hairstyle on a doll. I also got red glittery shoes from the same collection, for 100sd only, so I decided to buy them as well so I can complete my outfit.

I might add some bag to give a final touch to my outfit. Also, even I adore tattoos, they seemed inappropriate for this outfit, so I left them out.

One thing you should know about me: I'd rather spend hours, days, weeks, searching for stuff I want in main bazaar so I can get them at a fair price, instead of paying ridiculously high prices some users put. I mean, yeah, I am a reseller as well, I sell my stuff for high prices, but not that high.

Okay, so I am going low on stardollars, so I am going to stay away from starbazaar, (or try at least), so I can buy some new stuff Stardoll releases. My mom just doesn't like giving me money for a 'kid game', but soon, hopefully, I will get my own job and be able to pay for superstar membership myself.

Kinda personal post

Yesterday I graduated from college. After so many years of studying - first in Elementary School, then Gymnasium, and finally, an Economy college, major Finance and Banking - I am finally free. I was really getting tired of studying, and all the stress about the exams, so I am kinda glad it is finally over. Kinda, because I am not quite sure what awaits me. I mean, yes, I am supposed to get a job, but will it be hard or not so much, will it be paid well, will I like it, will I hate waking up early? So many questions. Future seems scary to me, and I am not sure I am quite ready.

This year I accomplished some really great things - wrote my 100th post on USD, nominated as a best blogger on 2 different award shows, (I plan on writing about this more later), finally got Katherine (TVD) necklace, and like I mentioned above, graduated from college.

And the year has just started.

New Strike-a-Pose collection - my story

Last week we got on Stardoll one limited collection, at the very beginning of a week. New Young Hollywood. Actually, a mini collection, consisting of 2 dresses and an outfit.And I was not impressed. The dresses are okay, but nothing special to make me pay than for usual dresses we can find in 'ordinary' Stardoll shops. And even I wasn't superstars and the dresses were still available for everyone, eventually I decided they were not worth spending my money on them. One limited collection for a week, okay, my virtual and real wallet are safe. Or so I thought.

On Friday, after coming back from a town, I immediately opened USD, and to my surprise I saw spoilers for new Strike-a-Pose collection. Oh, no!! I was expecting new LE, maybe Antidote, or what are other limited stores? I mean, SAP has really interesting pieces. Finally Stardoll is trying to fulfill our wishes by making our dolls having different poses. But they had to make them limited and superstar only, of course. The reason I was, well, not so happy, is that I did not want to spend my real money on a game, but still, SAP is really popular, and it can sell for quite high prices. (Yeah, I am reseller, I sell stuff for high prices. That's how I've made my virtual closet so big.)

Eventually, (actually, quite quickly), I decided, I am renewing my ss membership and I'm gonna buy them all! I remember quite well how sad, mad, disappointed I was when I missed 2nd collection. Luckily, I had enough stardollars now, and no problem asking my parents to spend some money.But then the horrible part came - waiting. Refreshing Stardoll page to see if the stuff is released. Checking out USD comments if someone said it is out. (And while deleting fake comments telling that the collection was out, when in fact it wasn't - you know, I am sure there is a special place in hell for people like that.) Ah, the anticipation, and my mom nagging me to leave and get to studying. (So she can play some boring match-3 games on Facebook.)

Eventually, after few hours of constant refreshing, it came out. I rushed to buy everything I liked 1st. Then something I like less and I can try styling it, or just sell it later. Yeah, I even bought some boy stuff so I can resell them. (Guilty!) Phew, I could finally leave, as my mom gave me only 5 more minutes and then I had to leave. (Sure, because her game is more important than mine.) Went out on a fresh air, took a deep breath, felt the chill of a freaking winter. But I felt relaxed. It is over, finally.

So now what? I will try wearing each piece and making nice outfits with them. And decide which ones to keep, and which to resell. But I am sure it won't happen soon. I hope the next time we get new SAP I'd be employed and have my own money, so no more begging my parents for money to buy ss. (Although, I am not sure how could I buy them when I am at work. Oh, but no need to worry about it now.) I am trying to save up some Stardollars for new LE which will hopefully come out soon. Not too soon, though. I need to sell some more stuff before that. And I am not sure it is worth investing in LE as it is usually hard to sell even for the original price or lower. So I'll be buying only stuff I really love. I guess.

~ Venus

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